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The Gifted (2014) Full Pinoy Movie

The Gifted    

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Marco Yuzon (Sam Milby), is on a bookstore for a book signing event for his new book entitled, The Gifted. He begins the book signing by reading a few chapters of the book and so the story goes:

A young Zoe Tuazon(Abby Bautista), a rich, overweight, aggressive and genius mestiza, with a young Aica Tabayoyong(Alliya Fatima dela Riva), a poor, far sighted, and abnormally large teeth girl, enter a school with their parents for an entrance exam. Both of the students’ abnormal brain intelligence are not accepted by the school and transferred to a higher school with better education. Both of them excel in different subjects such as Mathematics, English, History. One day, during a Religion Class, Zoe ruins her reputation by questioning the teacher’s lesson. Then, the next day, Aica also ruins her name when she defecates during a Music lesson. The two, now outcasts, become good friends and plot evil plans on the school by poisoning students and a teacher, and booby- trapping the nun who Zoe questioned. The whole school fears them until high school came, Nicole (Anne Curtis) and Aica (Cristine Reyes), are fighting for the Valedictorian position. Zoe’s mother (Arlene Muhlach) convinces her to find Aica’s weakness to get the throne. A new student, Mark Ferrer (who was also played by Sam Milby), an illiterate athlete, enters the school. Aica immediately falls in love with him leading Zoe to plot her evil plan. Nicole meets up with Mark and insisted him to fall in love with Aica while Zoe does his home works, and even make him copy her answers on quizzes. Not being attracted to Aica, Mark forces himself to date her. As the plan goes on, final exams were finished and the distribution of cards took place. Aica and Zoe compare their final averages only to find out they have the same average of 98.71 enraging Zoe. To make their daughter the class Valedictorian, Zoe’s parents donated a building to the school. Zoe, now the Valedictorian became too proud of herself. On a restaurant after the graduation, Aica confronts Zoe about the unfairness of her parents and gives her a gift of pills and mayonnaise while Zoe gives her a toilet seat. Ending their friendship, Aica weeps as Zoe eats 5 layers of leche flan. Aica’s parents (Dominic Ochoa and Candy Pangilinan) ask her to stop seeing Mark. Mark leaves Aica happily as he was not interested with her in the first place.

The Gifted is a 2014 Filipino dark comedy drama film produced by Viva Films. The film stars Anne Curtis, Sam Milby and Cristine Reyes. Produced by Viva Films and MVP Entertainment and directed by Chris Martinez, The film was released on September 3, 2014The Gifted Poster. Childhood best friends who are both geniuses in school eventually become bittersweet rivals for campus athlete Mark Ferrer. Zoe Tuazon is a…, Watch The Gifted Online | the gifted | The Gifted (2014) | Director: Chris Martinez | Cast: Anne Curtis, Cristine Reyes, Sam Milby

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